Saturday, December 28, 2013

Which is Better for City Driving: a Manual or Automatic Transmission?

When you live or commute into a large city, you will likely spend many hours on the road and stuck in traffic. It’s a reasonable question when you are trying to determine whether you’d be better off driving an automatic transmission as opposed to a manual one. You may enjoy the control of a manual transmission, the power and acceleration advantages that you get with a manual transmission, and simply the feel of it.

However, being stuck in traffic day in and day out, having to hold the clutch down and easing it out as the cars inch on down the freeway can take a toll on even the most die-hard, and hardened drivers.
So which is better for city driving? The answer to that question will almost invariably be an automatic transmission, but the factors that go into that kind of decision will certainly vary. Let’s look at the various benefits of an automatic transmission with regard to city driving.

Automatic transmission benefit:no more constant shifting. City driving, whether you beat the rush hour traffic or not, will almost always involved a significant number of stops and go’s. Red lights, pedestrians, cyclists, and merging traffic will constantly keep your foot hovering over and depressing the brake. With an automatic transmission, you would no longer need to keep holding in the clutch, shifting between gears, and wearing down your clutch as well as your leg muscles.

Just think about the last time that you were caught in traffic while driving a manual transmission. The longer the traffic jam, the more fatigued you likely became. City driving is demanding on manual transmissions.

Another benefit to automatic transmissions for city driving is that the way they are designed, there is less wear and tear exerted on the gears when you’re stuck in traffic, moving a few feet, then stopping again. If you plan on keeping your vehicle for a long time, then this could be an important factor in the long-term. Less maintenance requirements and longer life is generally the key benefits to choosing an automatic transmission for city driving.

Manual transmission benefit:fuel savings. Because of the inherent control that the driver has with regard to a manual transmission, as opposed to an automatic one, with the proper skills, you could increase your fuel efficiency by using a manual transmission.

Every time that you are stopped in traffic or at a red light, when the clutch pedal is fully engaged or the transmission is out of gear, the engine is merely idling. With automatic transmissions, the transmission is engaged all the time, unless, of course, you place the vehicle in park, which is not recommended as a means to navigated traffic slow downs.

The cost factors between both manual and automatic transmissions when it comes to city driving will depend on the driver and his or her particular driving habits. If you are looking for a way to reduce stress and potential fatigue while dealing with the constant traffic jams and congestion, an automatic transmission will likely be the best option for you.

Manual or automatic transmission cars used for daily driving will likely encounter problems while on the road. For automatic transmission replacement in Kent WA, call Mr. Clutch Auto Service Center at (888) 660-3495.